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January 9, 2013
Posted at 3:19 pm

I'm happy--very, very happy--to announce that Triptych will resume posting twice a week for the final six chapters. I'm working on the last chapter and it will be ready this week, so I've reset the post dates to Monday and Thursday like I started. Thank you for being patient with the less frequent postings the past couple of weeks. It helped me take the time I needed to really sharpen the story.

The last chapter of Triptych will post Monday, January 28. I'll also include a teaser for the next volume that has tentatively been titled "Prodigal." This one will be a little shorter than the past two and will conclude the current story of Tony Ames, though there will be at least two more "Model Student" stories about other characters if all goes well. I expect to start posting "Prodigal" around the first of April which will coincide with the release of Model Student Book 5: Odalisque on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. That's what's known here as Triptych Part II and I plan to include the whole 200,000 words in one eBook rather than breaking it up any further. (Well, it will be less than that because I'm going to edit.)

I've had a blast with this book and I'm looking forward to continuing the story. I hope you continue to enjoy it!