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Waifs and Amy Day

January 9, 2013
Posted at 1:42 pm

One story is getting love, the other isn't. Neither is motivating reader mail :)

Amy Day looks like it's going to wind up in the low 7's, score wise, which is fine. The fact so much potential sex ended up off camera is going to disappoint many, but the story is what it is. I had no desire to write an extra five pages of fucking (although maybe, someday, I'll expand it into a longer tale). The Waifs is doing very well, but has so few votes it can't appear on the top 20 list. We'll see what the scores look like after the next batch of chapters, when the story really kicks in :)

I finally, after a month, had a reader write and say why The Magic of Life saw its score drop 50 points. For those downloading the whole story, instead of reading it online, they missed the end note saying there would be more. Thus, the cliffhanger ending was "insulting". So be it. I'll keep that in mind in the future, though. Won't do anything about it, most likely, but I will keep it in mind!