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MAgic Ink IV Chapters 25 & 26

January 4, 2013
Posted at 5:42 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

This weeks chapters open with Kell dealing with Aengus Crawford, the fifth, and his clan. The Laird is dead due to stubbronness, and Kell warns then not to attack the Dunleevys or else.

The rain continues all that morning, and they are unable to leave until the next day. The following morning, they start out for Donegal through Barnesmore Gap. In the Gap they are attacked by robbers. The Sisters over react, but Kell takes care of things.

They stop at Biddy's O'Barnes Pub looking for the men of the High Sherrif to report the attempted robbery. They are soon back on the road.

Arriving in Doanegal, they go to the castle to find Doctor Dunleevy. There a few problems at the gate. While the castle and the Manor house are impressive, both Doctor Dunleevy and Hugh O'Donnell are amazed at the presence of the Mac Sweeney Sisters, as they know of their impairments.

Later that day, Hugh O'Donnell comes to get them as the Earl has taken a turn for the worse. Kell and the Sisters use powerful Magic spells to cure him.

Dinner that night is in the Great Hall, which is very impressive. The conversation after dinner is viewed with some skepticism on the part of the O'Donnells.

Enjoy these two chapters. More adventure in Donegal newt week.