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Does everyone die in the sequel?

January 2, 2013
Posted at 5:29 pm

OK, my very first e-mail of the new story is an obvious one, as a nervous writer asks: "Does everyone die in this one?"

I realize that the previous book was a difficult read, and that while many people started it, many couldn't finish it. Thus I wrote this one to stand alone. It details who everyone from the first book was, and what happened in it, but it isn't necessary to have finished it (as most of the origional cast and crew are no longer around).

That said, this is a story about the aftermath of a massive plague, which isn't gone. Thus there's also going to be a lot of life-and-death issues, however it isn't as bleak or as unrelenting in it's approach, and while character will die, it'll mainly be minor ones, as opposed to any of the central characters.

The big test will be the first chapter, which describes what's left. One of my editors, who quit the first book in chapter 20, couldn't get past the first chapter, so it'll determine whether you're ready for the rest of the book.

But I see this as a story of hope and a search for a cure, as David and Alice (who survived) try to help all the isolated survivors continue to survive in an increasingly dangerous world.

Nuff said, let's see how you like it!