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Great Death 2: "Grappling with Survival" is FINALLY up

January 2, 2013
Posted at 5:15 pm

It took a LONG time, but I've finally posted the sequel to "Love and Family During the Great Death". It's now part of a "The Great Death" Series, and is called "Grappling with Survival".

The long delay is because someone (who shall remain nameless) had the bright idea of suggesting I offer my stories as eBooks, for all those who didn't want to wait for them to be posted week by week.

That made sense to me, since there are so many people who refuse to read any story that hadn't already been finished.

However, it completely changed my writing process. This time, instead of getting the whole first draft written, and revising future chapters as I post the completed ones, I had to complete, edit, and review the Entire, which as you can imagine, takes a LOT of time!

However, it's done, although there's still a LOT of editing remaining to be done. It seems that when the editors feet aren't held to the fire, many of them tend to wander away.

But the story is complete, and the eBook will be released soon on smashwords and The reason why it isn't ready now is twofold: first, it's undergoing formatting revisions, and secondly, I still have to contract someone to design the cover for me, as I couldn't find anything that seemed like a fitting cover.

However, if it's been so long that you've already forgotten the first book, it too is available as an eBook (epub, pdf, mobi, html). It's available at:, and

The smashwords site is for the eBook while the lulu site sells the Massive 577pg Trade paperback.

So far, no one even knows these books are available, so if anyone would like to write a review of them, I'd appreciate it. So far, the book is available via a number of sights, most notably lulu, smashwords and B&N. It's not yet available on Amazon or iBooks, but it should be soon.

Again, sorry for the long wait, and also for the brief 'teaser' chapter. It was meant to identify who everyone was from the previous book, but seeing as how it's been so long since the last one, I figured everyone would need to read it.