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New Story

December 31, 2012
Posted at 1:12 pm

As a new year's treat for you, I've posted part of a story that I began writing maybe 6 years ago. Well over a year ago, I bit a major case of "writer's block", and the magnum opus remains incomplete. However, I was thinking that one sub-story would do well as a stand-alone story, so I extracted that chapter, brushed it up, and there it is for you.

This is set in Sydney, Australia, in May 1975. For those not familiar with the Australian education system, back then the 6 years of high school were 'first form' through 'sixth form' - common sense has now take over, and they are 'year seven' through 'year twelve'. As well, the school year ran from February through to December, with a one week break in mid May, and a two week break in August.

Enjoy, and I would love to get your feedback.