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New story in the works - work title 'Stranded'

December 31, 2012
Posted at 4:27 am

Last week I started with writing a new story, which I titled 'Stranded' for now. In less than a week's time I wrote 37k words for it (75 pages in Word), but due to sickness and some other reasons I'm taking a small break of it for the coming two weeks.

Still, I love the way the story is already shaping up to be. I really love Cmsix's stories, and in combination with a dream I wrote down several months ago, and one of my editors suggesting that a harem story might be fun, I set out to write an engaging story about a cruise ship that got trapped in a storm. I don't want to reveal anything else yet, but the reactions that I received based on the first two chapters were promising so far. I hope to get chapter 3 ready for my editors soon enough, while the other chapters will require some rewriting.

As you can understand a cruise ship carries a lot of passengers, and right now I'm starting to end up with naming and describing half of the survivors, even though most aren't recurring characters. Finding the fine balance between detailing the story and leaving some things vague is quite a challenge, but I'm thinking of keeping the non-recurring characters anonymous, so that the reader can focus on the characters that do return later in the story and serve an important role. The alternative would be having a list of cast members and where they get introduced, but I never really enjoyed those lists myself when I see them in stories, nor do I have any reason to believe that this particular system would work well in my own story.

I'll reveal more of the story as I get further with writing it.

As an experiment, I'm also having the story featured from 4 different POV's. I have worked a little bit with this structure before in The Maze Experiment, but there I literally ended up following every character. I'm not attempting that anymore, and instead I limit myself to the four characters that have the most impact on the storyline.

It's interesting to see how multiple characters can support a storyline, but if it's not done well it can also really distract from the main story, and you'll end up with four different stories that simply occur at the same time. Feel free to contact me with your own thoughts about the subject. I'm curious to hear what people enjoy reading more, a single POV, or following multiple characters?