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General Update for the end of 2012

December 30, 2012
Posted at 12:38 pm

I'm feeling a bit guilty about not checking in once in a while, so here is a general update on what Paco Jones is up to these days.

"These Girls Can Play" and "Mile High and Beyond" have been released to Amazon.com $3.99 and $2.99 respectively. I still haven't uploaded the "final" versions that are on Amazon yet. TGCP includes an index of the playlists and how to make them for yourself.

Because of Amazon's editorial policies "Deanna" and "Craft Faire Love" are undergoing a slow re-write. I'm not sure how "Deanna" is going to work because one of the main lines of the story is her youth and maturity. In 80% of the states she's legal (after her 16th birthday - and easy re-write), but not to Amazon, or other publishers for that matter. It is what it is...eventually they'll end up on Amazon.com also. I'm also working on ePub versions as well. Everything takes time!!

Book two of "Craft Faire Love" is about 80% finished, but I got "bored" with it (I've got ADD - and it needs some level of re-write for the same reasons listed above) so I started a new story, "Castaway Island". I'm 16 chapters into that book and the last chapter has been written so I have somewhere to go, but because of the subject matter it requires a huge amount of research. I'm not sure how many chapters it will have in the end...8-D

"Castaway Island" gets me into the Sci-Fi realm. I'm not particularly in to Sci-Fi so it's a bit out of the box for me, but I'm enjoying it. The story surrounds a large boat, two women and a man that travel through a time warp/wormhole and end up in a lagoon on Castaway Island. The lagoon has no inlet, nor any way out, so they're confined to the island.
Over time, it's determined that it's best to be there, but they find things on the island that will rock the world whenever it is they come back.

It contains a lot of Mesoamerican history including the Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations and that's where the research comes in. I want it to be as accurate as possible and still move into the Sci-Fi realm. Presenting a lot of history without being totally BORING is quite a challenge, but unfortunately it's needed for those that have no idea about the pre-history and history of Mesoamerica and the implications depicted in many of the monuments, art, and glyphs...
Don't want to say much more, but I hope to have it done by mid February, read through and to the editor/proofreaders by beginning of March...We'll see.

The sequel to "These Girls Can Play" is conceptualized and I have a good idea where I'm going to go with it, but because of other projects I haven't really started on it yet. Lots of notes, lots of great ideas from some of you -- Thank you again!!!

So that's an update on what Paco's up to these days. There's more to come, but it's coming slowly...
Keep reading!!!
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