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Holiday Greetings!

December 24, 2012
Posted at 8:35 pm

If you've been as swamped as I have lately, you might have some difficulty getting in the holiday spirit, no matter what winter holiday you celebrate. For me it was Solstice and the nineteen people who gathered in my home Friday night certainly helped warm my spirit. Then Saturday night I went to a second Solstice celebration and we drummed in a party reminiscent of the New Year's Eve party in Triptych Chapter 37-minus the kissing, damn it!

I'm happy to announce, though, that Model Student Book 4: Triptych is now available on Amazon at Elder Road Books has indicated that the book has also been released to Barnes & Noble Nook, but it takes them a few days longer to release new titles, so look for it by the 27th. The released version of Triptych covers chapters 2-15 of the current serial. If you enjoy this series and can afford to support the author with a 99 cent purchase, please do. If it's a choice of my book or tossing all that change in the nearest Salvation Army pot, please choose to donate for those who are less fortunate than we are.

After I've completed Triptych Part II on SOL, it will be edited and released as soon as possible, but probably not before March. With luck, it will be released in synch with the start of my next installment in the Model Student Series here on SOL. Haven't got a working title for that one yet, but I know it will be a little shorter than the current serial and will bring us to a satisfactory conclusion for the series, though Tony, Melody, Lissa, and Kate will continue to play important roles in at least two other books that are planned in the Model Student World.

Now, the news about Triptych here on SOL: My editor, Old Rotorhead, has been out of the country most of December, and though he said he'd try to do some editing while enjoying the sights and sounds of Europe, I've been so pressed on other projects here that I haven't sent him any new chapters. There are only two or three chapters remaining to be written and I'm halfway through one of them. But in order to be sure that it doesn't just stall in posting, I'm changing the next four chapters to post once a week on Mondays. That will give us a chance to finish and polish the final two or three chapters and still finish posting by the end of January. So, Chapter 40 will post (has posted?) today on Christmas Eve. The next chapter won't post until New Year's Eve.

No matter what winter holiday you celebrate or don't celebrate, I hope that these long nights and short days in the Northern Hemisphere and short nights and long days in the Southern find you in good health and good company.