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Closing out the year of 2012

December 22, 2012
Posted at 10:02 am

As I move into the new year of 2013 having survived the danger of Mayan extermination, I will concentrate on the SOL site with the 82 continuing stories already posted. About a dozen of these stories were mistakenly marked as unfinished when they were really always intended to be single entry stories. I have decided to post my new stories only to the United Kingdom site which holds almost 400 of my stories and generates almost two-thirds of my readers. My secondary site which is heavily social in nature accounts for about 20 percent of my readers and SOL Accounts for only about 10 of my total readership will still receive all sequel stories and holiday inspired stories. One story that I feel has been overlooked on the SOL site is the story of "Holly Honeypot" originally "Molly Greenberg". This story was gleaned from a period in my past when I was enthusiastic about photography and even considered a career in cinematography. The site of the old Spanish Mission is set in the San Diego area and the girl was a waitress friend determined to make it as a model. The cultlike religious overtones were most likely a sub-conscious "lashing out" against the influence of the perverted drug culture of the time. I watched a black and white movie from the 1950s recently that really impressed me. I never got the title but it starred Ray Milland from "Dial M for Murder" fame. It was presented in a quasi-documentary style popular in that era and followed a storyline of post atomic war devastation in the California area. The story was very predictable and it held up well after being on the shelf for 60 years. The dialogue was priceless. The acting was excellent. The conflict of guns and violence vs moral values impressed me. There were elements of rape and murder, torture and humiliation which were way ahead of their time in the 50s. An era when most of "The Blackboard Jungle" wound up on the cutting room floor. I would love to redesign a story following the main plot but brought up to date to current events. Of course, it will most likely be erotic in nature because I am addicted to the genre. lol HL