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Final chapter of Forbidden Love, plus future plans

December 20, 2012
Posted at 4:02 am

Later today the final chapter of Forbidden Love will go live. I had a lot of fun with rewriting the story, although I'm still considering to redo the final chapters one more time sometime in the future.

I'm a bit surprised that it's overall scoring is lower than the original version, but that might still change once the final chapter is live. I expect that more people will vote for the story then. Quality wise I improved the technical aspect of the story a lot (with no small thanks to my editors!), and I did my best to improve the plot where possible as well. I was happy to see those points reflecting back in the TPA scores. With 20 votes for the rewritten version versus 22 votes for the original, I can conclude that the story overall scores better; the original story is in the low 8's, while the rewrite is in the high 8's and its appeal even scores a 9.

When it comes to votes, I think that the biggest difference comes from the fact that I uploaded the rewritten version chapter by chapter, instead of the entire story at once like I did with the original. The people who really loved the original probably read the entire story and voted for it afterwards, while those who didn't like it probably quit early and never voted, so in a way the new votes are more realistic. The original version also contained a spoiler in the form of a preface on top of that, which sort of gave a heads up of what people could expect, while I left that plot spoiler out with the new version. All in all it's interesting to see the differences.

I also want to thank those who mailed me a comment, whether it was positive or negative. I appreciate all the feedback people sent me.

For my next big project I intend to write an urban fantasy series, although that will be under a different pen name. As a result I probably won't be active for a while on SOL, although I do want to continue with TME in the future. I also had some ideas for different erotic stories, and this time have them feature more complex storylines with multiple sub plots, rather than the focus on a single storyline.

As an author I'm still very much developing my skills. I'm involved in a role play community, write short stories on the side when possibly, and full-sized novels whenever I have vacation. In February I'm also publishing an urban fantasy story in an erotic anthology with several other talented writers. I still need to rewrite my story for that, but I like the ideas I have for it so far.

The story is about a young couple who prepare for a tournament in which they can display their ability to fight with magic. The story is set in a modern metropolis, and although a lot of the things work the same as they do in our world, there is also some major differences, giving it a unique twist. The short story actually forms the inspiration for the series I want to write, and I'm considering to write those novels in two versions, a PG-13 version and an Adult version, where the love scenes will be more graphic and the violence in more detail, possibly giving the Adult version a darker tint.

I'll probably write a new blog about that story in one or two weeks though. The coming time I'll be quite busy with the holiday season, family visits, mandatory dinners, etc., but that probably won't stop me from writing some small stories either.

I want to wish everybody a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

J. Storm