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Collaborate on Hard Times

December 19, 2012
Posted at 11:48 am

I started writing Hard Times at the same time I began Family Feud.

I realized that I would lose focus on both if I didn't pick one and really elaborate and polish it.

Hard Times is the story of a girl from the suburbs forced to live with her trailer park aunt and cousins. It was intended to be perverted but also kind of authentic.

In many ways, I think it is an homage to Vulgus who writes stories that I think usually fit into the same genre. - cumuppance and life flipped upside down with some perversion mixed in.

I actually did a crossover of Hard Times into Family Feud where the main characters of the story are waiting in a tattoo parlor while the Taylor's from Family Feud are in the tattoo parlor.

The story Hard Times has been in the back of my mind and I want to give it some love - but I do not want to lose focus on the Taylor family story of Family Feud.

So I propose to do one of two things:

1) GIVE it away to an author. If you are a fan of Vulgus stories and mine and want to just keep writing on the Hard Times storyline - that would be awesome.

I would love to give you my blessing and cross-promote any stories that pick up after chapter 5 of hard times.

2) Collaborate. I could work with someone where you write a chapter and I write a chapter and we go back and forth. It would be back burner to me because I want to stay focused on delivering FF but I have so many thoughts about what fate befalls the characters in Hard Times that I'd love to contribute.

Also - today I posted up a rough draft of FF ch 37. I'll be refining and reposting it over the next week or so.