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December 18, 2012
Posted at 10:11 am

A Sad Day!

In the story, "The Bill that Changed Christmas" I have taken the inspiration for Johnny from my four year old grandson. When I look at his face and the excitement that he exhibits, I cannot help but be encouraged. In him, I see the excitement to learn new things and have fresh new experiences. He is such a joy to watch. I find him to be an amazing kid.
A reader from Britain, and another from here, has made comments regarding the story and the brutal killings in Sandy Hook. I find it very hard to deal with the thoughts of those poor people as they deal with the loss of so many wonderful adults and kids. The whole scenario is very difficult for me to comprehend.
I have been a volunteer worker with kids for over twenty years. Their safety and security has always been a major concern of mine. I have watched these kids as they have grown into stable and successful adults. We can only pray that this penchant for the taking of lives will somehow be removed from our society.
The joy and excitement of a child gives one hope for the future. It is a very sad day when those eyes no longer shine.