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What's in store for the near future

December 17, 2012
Posted at 11:35 pm

Frankly, not much :)

As the scores for The Magic of Life continue to drop, even now a couple weeks after it finished, I'm focused on the rewrite of The Waifs. It goes better than I expected. One new chapter ended up only three pages long, so was folded into an existing one, but a fully new chapter was finished the other day. Combined with assorted added scenes and a general cleanup of the text so it flows better, it should rate a full .10 better from reviewers!

Most likely, though, you all won't be seeing any of it until after Christmas. SciFi Nut has been busy, and while it's possible he'll have something back to me by the end of the week, it's doubtful. In a way, this is good as it means more will be written before any of it is posted, but that's a minor concern at this point. As I said in another post, I won't be putting this up in a way that builds readership. When the first 6 chapter chunk is edited, it'll go up on SOL and ASSTR, and you'll then have to wait for the next chunk to be edited. No schedule, no rationing out chapters to build up download stats. I honestly don't expect many here to be interested, as either you've already read the old version or the synopsis just didn't appeal to you. I'm doing this for myself, and because I didn't want to put the "first draft" version on ASSTR.