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December 16, 2012
Posted at 4:03 am

I was just reading Coaster2's blog and he commented he's been 'stymied by plot development'. I like that! My main problem is laziness, to be sure, but not being sure what I want - or what my character wants - to happen is a major brake. Pippa is a shy young woman who is setting out on a sailing holiday, nominally 2 weeks, in Serendipity, with Cherry Thornton (remember her?) and a young man who is new to the series, 'CC'. Why Ted and Grace aren't involved in the sailing you find out in chapter 1. Right now, I'm not sure where the tale is heading and Christmas is almost on us, so to my fans, sorry. I just don't know when this one will be posted. Short of my being incapacitated, though, I promise you will get to see it eventually.
Oh, and have a great Christmas and a better New Year.