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The Waifs coming down

December 13, 2012
Posted at 9:05 pm

Well, I just sent an email to have The Waifs removed. We'll see how long it takes. For those of you in the middle of reading it, I'm sorry. The thing gets a steady 6 or 8 views a day, so I can't really wait until everyone who discovers the thing finishes it. The first six chapters of the new version will go up very, very soon, as soon as it comes back from the editor. Editing will be the main delay here, probably, as I'm piling a lot of work on SciFi Nut this close to the holidays.

Stats for the original version: 30716 views, with 1803 reading the final chapter. Readership at the end of the original run was a bit under 1200 if I recall, after peeking over 1400. The score is 7.38.