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To Tease or Not To Tease

December 13, 2012
Posted at 10:24 am

Most of my readers seem to enjoy it when there is a good amount of teasing going on between the various lovers and potential lovers. Especially in the racquetball scenes. They don't seem to be quite so enthusiastic when I tease them, though. I'm getting toward the end of Triptych/Odalisque and am thinking about the next volume in the series. Haven't got a title for it yet, but I do know the general story and what is going to happen.

So should I put a teaser at the end of Triptych? I have the first conversation of the new book in pretty good shape, but it will show that some serious stuff has happened and the quartet need to do some work to put stuff back together.

When I wrote the intermission for Triptych (since edited) I got some scathing comments about how the story was turning a new direction and that I was doing bait and switch, etc. etc. So, I'm a little leary about putting something out there that will show that things aren't always bright and cheery in Model Student Land but there's hope sometime in the next three or four months.

So let me know. Tease or don't tease?