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Parenthood stories, Learning to let go

December 13, 2012
Posted at 4:49 am

Last month I entered the contest for The challenge was to write a story between 400 and 4000 words regarding motherhood.

Although my own entry was a fictional story, it was in fact based on real life memories. I didn't win unfortunately, but I did enjoy writing my story a lot, and although I don't have children of my own yet, I do support the mission of this website.

Promoting good parenthood is always a good thing. I value every child as a precious life that deserves to be protected and nurtured. If this website contributes to this then I consider it a big win for all the children worldwide. I may live in a First World country where children are supported in their basic needs, but there are many countries where this is not the case. On top of that, child abuse also happens in my own country, and it breaks my heart to see innocent children abused, twisting their personalities into something ugly, that, in time, will only cause the cycle to repeat itself.

Feel free to give my entry, Learning to let go, and others a read. I'm sure you'll enjoy the published stories!

J. Storm