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Happy Holidays

December 6, 2012
Posted at 9:56 pm

I seriously considered not posting chapters 34 and 35 of "Triptych" until closer to Christmas, but figured there would be enough hate mail to stuff my stocking. So, we've begun the holiday season a little early. Next week we'll get to New Year's Eve. We're going to have a great ride.

I get really emotional around holiday time. I guess that comes with getting older. I've been trying to avoid all the glitter and decorations and even thought about cancelling my annual Solstice celebration this year. Then I read--and wept through--chapter 35. Though I didn't personally grow up in Nebraska, I did grow up in the rural midwest. Winter holidays were special.

Over the past thirty years, I evolved my own winter rituals and, sentimental man that I am, they are still important to me. I hope that whatever winter holidays you celebrate that you have both peace and joy.