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A Little Help

December 4, 2012
Posted at 4:17 am
Updated: December 4, 2012 - 4:24 am

Last year I published A Little Help on, a romance novel about the hardships of life, and how finding love changed the protagonist's world.

The novel became immensely popular and within three weeks it was downloaded over 44 thousand times, with an average grade of 7.50 after 1100 votes. It even turned out to be the number one most downloaded story for ten days in a row. I received hundreds of reactions from all over the world, and I was simply amazed with how well the story was received. Earlier this year, I wrote an additional chapter for that story, and in general Ifixed the small mistakes that were still in the novel.

I published A Little Help several months ago, and to celebrate its one year success I've lowered the price of this novel from $ 2.99 to $ 1.99. Specially for the people on I also created a discount coupon on Smashwords that's valid till the end of this month, which gives an additional 25% discount. Instead of $ 1.99, you only pay $ 1.49. It's a lovely romance story, that would make for an ideal Christmas present.

To check the novel out, please visit this link , the coupon code is WM43C.

Synopsis of A Little Help:
In life we have to make decisions on a daily basis, some of which will drastically alter our lives. Generally we tend to take the safer of two options and stick to the outcome that is most comfortable to us. Afterwards we'll sometimes ask ourselves, what would have happened if I had chosen differently? Did I miss out on a fantastic opportunity? Or did I protect myself from harm?

Tom is no different. He's an ordinary man, with an ordinary life. One day, however, he sees a mother of two young children standing in front him in the supermarket at the checkout. She seems desperate as her bank card isn't accepted by the machine and by the look of things this isn't the first time that has happened to her either.

Like everybody, Tom is now faced with two options; taking the safe route and ignore what's happening, after which he can continue with his usual life, or take a risk and pay for the groceries. Sometimes it's the small decisions that turn out to make the biggest changes in our lives and unknown to Tom, the decision he is about to make will change his life forever.

He chooses to help her and in turn this single act of kindness is the start of a new life for him. However, the real question is, will he keep making the right decisions? Or will he lose everything dear to him?