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Things coming next

December 1, 2012
Posted at 3:48 pm

Hello, you few readers you.

Well, SciFi Nut has a few things in his editing hands. There's a short story, which I told him to get to first. That might show up Monday. The first six chapters of the reworked Waifs might take a bit longer for him to get through, so just expect that sometime this month. I most likely will send him the next chunk in a week or so. With regard to The Magic of Life, while little is actually written at the moment I really like the last chapter. What's in my head is fun, and should be reasonably easy to get out and make readable. After that, things get more complicated, but that conversation can wait until after that chapter gets posted, which will be next week.

I will mention, just because, that I actually started a new Bells story. Ran it through my head a few times, really liked it, actually put a paragraph or two down.

Then, the characters balked.

Not the ones in the story. They were all for it, and it was fun exploring people who were just minor characters. No, the problem came as I was doing a rambling mental ending, in some ways wondering if this would stay a short story or be, in fact, the start of a new saga. I was checking in with various characters, seeing where they were, what they thought of all this, and... a few were pissed.

REALLY pissed.

I realized that the story I had created was selfish, with regard to how they all felt about those left behind back on Earth. In an effort to, somewhat, deal with one reader's complaint about Mary, I had treated the others as just creations there to do what the author wants instead of reach characters who had their own opinions. A number would NOT go along with the plot, at least how I had it set up.


So, that's put away for the moment. We'll see how much, if any, of it gets salvaged later.