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Stephanie's Tale Continues

December 1, 2012
Posted at 2:14 pm

Hey everyone! Good news! (of a sort)

I've been compiling piles of digital notes regarding a possible Blood Pact sequel since I was about halfway through writing the first story. As is typically the case with my writing projects, the notes just keep building until they reach critical mass and I find that I have to start writing the actual story. I started a couple of weeks ago by jotting down a few strings of dialog and it's really just ballooned from there. I don't think this one is going to end up being as long the original and there probably won't be quite as much sex, but I think it'll still end up being fairly hot.

Only being able to write an hour or two each day makes for slow going and it still need A LOT of work but I feel good about my progress so far and I'm really liking what I'm ending up with. Best case scenario, I might have something ready to go by the first half of next year. Keep your fingers crossed.

I also have another story, completely unrelated to the Blood Pact, which has also been chomping at the bit to be written, as well as a more epic story that I've been tweaking for years now. Depending on how my mood changes, I'll probably end up flip-flopping back and forth between the three of them but for the moment, the Blood Pact sequel has the majority of my writing attention.

I'm going to try and keep you all posted as to my progress.

Take care!