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"Hooky" Changes

December 1, 2012
Posted at 11:55 am
Updated: December 1, 2012 - 12:03 pm

After consulting with a few readers, I've changed the sex description from "Much Sex" to "Some Sex". To be honest, the truth is that the story probably belongs somewhere in between. There is pretty much at least one sex scene in every chapter, but some chapters have multiple sex scenes and acts. Still, most of the scenes are not descriptive beyond a few paragraphs (no 10K word wall of descriptive sex).

The heart of the story is about how Derek deals with his girls, his family and friends concerning the difficult position the stranger puts him (and the girls) in and how they all cope with it. This does lead to a fair amount of sex, but the sex does not completely drive the plot.

I would love to have any suggestions about this from anyone who is enjoying the story.

I'm also adding the Mf tag (for some future "off screen" activity) and the MF tag (for some future "on screen" activity, lol).

Finally, I added the title to Chapter 1 (though it will repeat in small characters underneath. Oh well).

Anyway, thanks to everyone who is reading and enjoying the story. Please keep voting and e-mail me with your thoughts if you are inclined. :)