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It's finished

November 29, 2012
Posted at 1:04 am

I wrote the last chapter of "A Painful Silence" tonight, making it an 84,000-word story completed in 28 days. Over the past week, the ratings on the story have been steadily climbing, so I sincerely hope the ending of the story does not disappoint anyone. I'll post chapter 29 on Thursday morning and chapter 30 on Friday morning. I'm doing a little editing. Then on Saturday, December 1, I'll post an epilog/note that displays my NaNoWriMo winners' badge. I'll have another glass of wine and celebrate.

I haven't been able to respond to anyone's correspondence over the past two or three days on either "A Painful Silence" or "Triptych." I know what comes next for both and I don't want to respond and spoil your discovery. Just know that I've had a tough time with watery eyes the last few days both writing one and reading the next posts for the other. Just have faith.

I especially want to thank all the people who have used the expanded voting form to rate on a near-daily basis the chapters in "A Painful Silence." I can't tell you how much this has helped me stay focused and improve my writing. I know this story isn't perfect, but it is one of the strongest first drafts I've ever produced. Thank you!