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Being thankful

November 26, 2012
Posted at 8:41 am

One of the things I was thankful for this past holiday was my readers.

You folks do all sorts of things for me. You correct my mistakes. You make my head big with compliments. You keep my head from getting too big by pointing out my limitations. You give me ideas. You read my books and stories. Sometimes, you share things about your lives.

I'm just really glad I happened to get the chance to interact with you all, even if you've never written to me.

So I have two gifts for you this season. One is a small gift, started today. It's a three chapter story called "Posing Uncle Bob." It's standard, ordinary Uncle Bob, but since he's very popular and gets a lot of mail ... well ... here he is again.

The second one is a lot bigger gift, and it will be coming along in December. It has in excess of 20 chapters, and has been in the works for a long, long time. That can mean several things.

First, it's had time to be really well thought out. That's a good thing. But it also means that it's nothing like what it started out to be. What that means is that I started writing it in (probably) 2007, and put it on the back burner. That's because it was one of "the memory ideas", meaning the story is about a woman who loses her memory. It was a series of ideas I developed on that theme. But, since I had already posted three stories about memory loss by the time I got around to working on this one, I thought four in a row would be too much.

And then other things happened, and I got busy, and distracted, and wrote other things while time passed.

But it was too good an idea to just lie around and wither.

So I finished it.

Both stories have a new editor. Both of my editors are volunteers and, like me, amateurs. None of us are perfect; nor do we produce a perfect product.

But then all we're trying to do is entertain you.

So thanks for being entertained.
And thanks for reading.