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November 26, 2012
Posted at 4:06 am

This would be a good time of the year to sit at home and write, but unfortunately folks don't seem to think I ought to do that! The Nonentity is still being proof-read but will be posted in due course. The third 'Serendipity Chronicle' is in the second chapter, and I've started getting a little down on paper (well, computer memory, anyway) for a short (probably) sci-fi story. Then, some time, the next episode in the story of Calida...
There's been a steady trickle of downloads, particularly for the 'Accidental Landlord' which is pleasing and it's really pleasing to be getting the odd email from readers, especially the ones who are writing to say they've just re-read something - which is a great compliment.
So thank you for reading!