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Removing The Waifs soon, The Waifs 2.0 to follow

November 25, 2012
Posted at 9:44 pm

Basically, I'm trying to kick my butt in gear.

Almost as soon as I posted the final chapter of The Waifs a year ago, I realized it was a first draft. The story may have been in my head for a decade or two, but what made it out had changed certain things which now had to be set up better. Also, my writing had improved, as practice tends to do. I was now embarrassed by some of what was now in there, something I don't feel when looking at the Bells stories.

So, the plan was, eventually, to rewrite it. Not a ground up retelling, but going in and fixing things. Expanding in places, deleting in others, but keeping the same story and characters.

It's been slow going.

The sad thing is that I tend to put things like this off if I'm not working with some sort of deadline. I post stories as I write not because it's a good way to work (it isn't), but because you'd never see any results otherwise. So, given this, I've made a decision. I'm going to pull down The Waifs. This will wipe out all the stats, letting me start over. Soon, as soon as SciFi Nut can go through it, I will be posting the first of the redone story. I'm dividing the tale into three parts of uneven length:

Act 1 chapters 1-6
Act 2 chapters 7-16
Act 3 chapters 17-24

This may change a bit, but is a good guide. The first part is redone, although I'm going in again for another look. I also have to finish some new scenes I'm adding. I will not be posting a chapter at a time to build an audience: you will get all the chapters from that part at once. There also will be no schedule. When I'm finished with the next Act, and satisfied with the work on the next that I won't have to go back into it, I'll send it for editing and post.

If you have already read the story, you know what happens, how it ends. The fate of no character will change, at least not to any great degree. Feel free to ignore this version.

With luck, though, some of you will dive in...