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November 24, 2012
Posted at 10:16 am

Tickled on a fine Saturday morning because two chapters of our stories are in the Top 20 Downloads this morning. That's a lot of validation there. along with the five-figure royalty check (you other writers got yours, right?) this makes me want to keep writing.

I've finally done it. In the chapter of Nikki that I've doing right now, they're loading up to FLY up to Cindy's graduation. I know some of you are saying "Finally".

To those of you readers who take time to write me, also, Thanks! Some of you write and point out places where I mis-step in the plot. Some of you help me figure out a logical path through the minefield of my fiction to keep it more or less real. And some of you just write to say nice things.

I appreciate ALL of those reasons, and hey, I even appreciate the two or three comments I've gotten that are negative.