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November 24, 2012
Posted at 2:12 am

Story posting.

I have said before that i will try and stick to some kind of posting schedule but life always seems to catch up with me or i can't wait to post a chapter once I've written it.

Thus my posting has been erratic at best, downright awful at worst!

However I am once again resolving to pick up my stories once more on a regular basis. Having completed most of my autumn term assignments i will now have time to post again and i will be making use of the sites, delayed posting system.

I have two new chapters of A Mage's Chronicle and it's practically writing itself so i will be posting that every four days. As the last was on the 22nd, you'll have to wait two days yet for the next bit!

However Titanium is harder to write for some reason but i am persevering, i will put a chapter for that in to go up at 7pm tonight and another next saturday etc.

Thanks for all the comments and emails, I'm sorry that i can't answer many as there are so many i'd be at it for days and we'd have even less of a story and i hate to use an automatic response.