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November 21, 2012
Posted at 12:01 pm

In the U.S. we are preparing for a religious observance commercialized into a national holiday. We call it Thanksgiving. Frankly, I'm all for the commercialization as I'm not very religious. I prefer to have specifics when I offer thanks. I thank my dog for waking me up in the morning rather than letting me waste my life sleeping and for getting me out of the house to do what little exercise I do. I thank the driver of the car that let me get out of my neighborhood onto the busy arterial, which can sometimes be a lengthy ordeal. And, I thank the several hundred SOL readers who read my little Halloween Contest story and voted me into third place in SOL's 2012 Halloween Story Contest.

I am honored.

I'd like to encourage you to check out all the Halloween Contest stories if you haven't already.
Both Argon's "Nosy Witch" and NymphWriter's "Journey Through the Rabbit Hole" (first and second) are great reads and well-deserving of the accolades. I'm happy to have "One-Hour Do-Over" in their company. You'll find some other good stories among the twelve entries--and some that fully deserved their "4" ratings. But that's the mixed bag that is SOL, right?

It's one of the reasons I continue to enjoy posting here. There is something for everyone, and no matter what your subject or how deep or shallow your talent, you'll get a hearing and even feedback on your effort. I am thankful to the readers at SOL who have helped me explore and develop a new side of my writing.

Happy Thanksgiving from aroslav!