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Another Ai story?

November 20, 2012
Posted at 9:17 pm

Well, the new chapter of The Magic of Life is off at the editor, so it's a matter of if he finishes it before the holiday. Cross your fingers. Also, for those who are interested, ePub versions of three of my four books are now available at my ASSTR page. Free, naturally.

After finishing a chapter, I tend to want to do something else for a day or so before going back into that story. Decompress a bit, if you will. Today, I suddenly was in the mood to open up an unfinished Ai story that has been sitting for awhile. It's different, definitely has no sex, but is a fun idea. I managed to add two pages, doubling its length, and it probably only needs another page or two. Who knows, maybe you all will see it this week or next. I doubt it can be edited this week, but who knows.