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The 5 million reader milestone

November 17, 2012
Posted at 7:31 am

As of my last count using an exel program to track readership of my stories across several short story sites, I have passed the five million mark on readership. I started writing in February of 2011 as a hobby to keep my brain functioning on all 8 cylinders. Or 6 or 4, whatever the case might be. It does not seem possible to me as my earlier stories were a bit tentative. Then, I realized that within the erotica general genre, there were so many separate and distinct sub-classes of genres. I was proficient in perhaps 1 or 2 but determined to make an effort in almost all the sub-classes. I did an analysis of my genre mix and discovered I had expanded to a primary writing genre mix of about 9 sub-classes and had written stories in 24 of the 28 sub-classes that I had identified. I adopted simple rules of writing that followed the general guidelines of one of the popular sites that banned child porn of any type, scat,beastiality,rape,and set minimum age of characters to 16. Most of my stories seem to fit this formula with the exception of about 30 or 40 stories. I choose not to place those stories on the strictly enforced site because it was too disquieting to edit the key elements of certain stories. As in any censorship model, there are always conflicts. For instance, a story I wrote called "Chatty Chipmonk and Ollie the Owl" was considered "beastiality" but I saw it only as a fable using the non-human characters as surrogate humans. Another one would be "The Teacher Learns a Lesson" A terrible title and and an outright theft of a great plot from "The Blackboard Jungle" a film that made a great impression on me. I did my best to take the edge off the rape scene, but after all, rape is rape and there are victims no matter how fuzzy their conflicted emotions. It is also difficult to understand how stories about prisoners being questioned or treated roughly is prohibited but prime time television is filled with such scenes with little if any second guessing. I also decided to make most of my stories, which often are chapters of a storyline, as "stand-alone" meaning they can be enjoyed without digging back into previous chapters. Additionally, I tried to keep the story package to 2,000 to 2,500 words because of technical limits on reading devices and an evolving attention span of readers. This system seems to work to attract readers. HL