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November 16, 2012
Posted at 10:52 am

As I have written before, I write based on things I have learned, or seen, primarily these days while I am in the Philippines. I have an extensive group of friends among the ExPat community and it just so happens that by far the greatest number of these guys are old or older and many are retired or close to it. One reason is that the Philippine government makes it hard for foreigners to receiving working visas. You can be a tourist or a retiree... just don't take a job. So if that is not what you are looking to read about, avoid my stuff. :-) Otherwise, I hope you do like it.

The current one, Retirement is maybe a little darker, as the protagonist maybe a little ethically challenged. But, how much is he really, and how much is just the tenor of the place?

Additionally - I am assuming at this point that I don't need to explain as much about the Philippines. Please... Please ... read my other earlier work related to the Philippines before you read this one!