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Ebooks sort of available, and other stuff

November 15, 2012
Posted at 8:05 pm

Well, chapter five of The Magic of Life has the score dropping like a stone, even as actual plot shows up. Mind you, the fewer the reviews the more each one alters the score. Onward and downward!

Over on my ASSTR site, my eBook page has gone up. There you will find four books: The Bells of Tanah, The Bells of Home, Love Unexpected/From the Aether, and InvidFanthology. Each has introductions for each story, and a nifty cover. Love/Aether has the nine stories in the two series in the author approved reading order.

Now, at the moment, the page only has the PDF and iPad versions, but ePub and Mobi versions will be up real soon. There are also two other things there: first, a flag counter. If you want to give a shout out from your home nation, just stop over, be counted, and leave. I know I do have an international fan base. Also there... a donation button. Do I expect much? No. But, I'm not bothering to actually sell these things, so if you'd like to toss me some support feel free. Some of the money will go to ASSTR.