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Dear Dawn

November 11, 2012
Posted at 11:45 am

Dear Dawn:
A number of things have happened this weekend.

General Patraeus, the head of the CIA has resigned over the revelation that he and his biographer were having an affair.

I taped a story from television called "Broken Code, Broken Genius." The story is about Alan Turing, who was a mathematical genius, who at the age of about 30, led the effort to break the code of Enigma Machine. People have said that if not for that, the assault on Normanday could never have taken place. Their effort was entirely secret and they were sworn to secrecy after the war. He was never recognized for his achievements.

Alan Turing was Gay. He went on to write many other important papers of his work with computers which started right after the war, and his investigating of why animals are colored as they are.

When the police found out he was gay, he was given the choice of going to prison or take estrogen therapy, which removed his male testestrone.

The man lived the rest of his life in torment and obscurity until he committed suicide at the age of forty one.

The point of this story is how will we be judged? No matter what else we do with our lives; no matter how successful we are in our own community; our families; no matter what other contributions we make, we are probably judged by our least acceptable behavior.

This writing of erotic or pornographic stories is very unacceptable in our society. The author of "Many Shades of Grey" will make millions, but the people who fill the pages of or would be judged harshly by our families and church members if they knew.

I have never been curious about homosexuality or had anything to do with it, but it seems so tragic that a man of Alan Touring's background, who had so much to contribute to the world was wasted.

General Patraeus has resigned in disgrace. His biographer, on the other hand, stands to make millions of dollars for an otherwise obscure book. In fact, she will probably have movie rights to the story and have several other fiction books to write.

Two people; partners in the same act, and one will be rich the other a disgrace. Who was actually the greater contributor to our society?

It's raining outside, so I cannot do any yardwork, work on my car or much else. These are the things I wonder about when it rains, snows, or is too inhospitable to go out.

I hope you have a nice day.