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Where has the time gone?

November 8, 2012
Posted at 4:40 pm

First of all a big shout out to Steve and thanks for the kick in the butt. He reminded me that my last blog update said I would update again late September, early October and obviously I did not. So here goes:

Writing is going well, I had issues with chapter 7 and it took a while to resolve them. Nothing major, just issues. When you read it you will wonder what I was talking about since it is a fairly straight forward chapter but hey, I had problems with it. Chapters 8 and 9 fairly wrote themselves and I am in the middle of 10 as I type this blog. So what does that mean to you, my faithful and patience readers? This story will probably end about chapter 12 or 13 and then my trademark epilogue. I'm thinking sometime after the first of the year, realistically. None of the chapters have been editted yet because I want to give my editors a complete story to go through. I will post chapters once I get a few back. Honestly, I have not even contacted my previous editors yet to see what their schedule is like.

This story has been a little difficult because unlike the previous 3, this one is not really based on any adventures and does not take place in the Goth System. It is based on the framework of my Mythos at large and takes place in an alternate timeline of Europe, circa 1749. I did that so I did not have to create a new world since I did not want this story set in the Goth System. That is also why it is taking longer to finish the story, since I have had to take some creative license with some of the major powers during that time frame in Europe.

Enjoy your holidays and I will probably (probably, Steve), post an update around the end of December letting you know where the story is at.