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James Bond Parody

November 4, 2012
Posted at 10:00 am
Updated: November 4, 2012 - 10:20 am

With Skyfall coming shortly, I thought that it was the perfect time to launch a James Bond parody over here at SOL.

This story was actually my entry for an MC Forum Contest sponsored by my old pal, Chrystal Wynd. For those of you who have never heard of him (or read him). CW is one of the best purveyors of the Bimbo genre is the MC Universe. While it is not my favorite genre, CW is such a good writer that I still really enjoy his stories. I was lucky enough to work with him (and some talented others) on the Spiral Award winning story Mindtrap Manor (conceived by the talented Kris P. Kreme) and on the Erotic MC Mystery I conceived, Whodunme .

At any rate, I hope you enjoy this little bit of silliness.

For fans of The Love Toy's Reprieve, I'll try to get the next chapter posted at some point over the next couple of days.

Thanks for your continued support and interest in my stories!