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Catching up on Sequels and New Ideas

November 3, 2012
Posted at 6:04 am

I bacame aware of the sequel expiration aspect of this site when a reader was kind enough to warn me of the dreaded yellow stripe. lol My intentions were to tend to it immediately but the lure of new stories was like a siren's call to my mind. My next two candidates are "The Voodoo Queen" and "The Adventures of The British Ambassador's Secretary" I have already done the "Secretary" sequel and will submit it today or tomorrow. The "Voodoo Queen" is difficult because I had broken the chain and switched into "Vampire Erotica" to boost readership. By merging the Voodoo cult and the Vampire mystery, I hoped to make the storyline more popular. I still think the entire werewolf thing is ridiculous despite its popularity. Then again, I never understood the entire "Harry Potter" thing which seemed like more Danielle Steel census writing pasted together. Jane Austen would have wept. I just put up a story called "A Flower in her Hair" which some of you might recall is a catchy tune about San Francisco. I lived in Height-Asbury in the 60s and remember the flavor of the time with great clarity. I was reasonably sober most of the time. Unfortunately I exited the 60s with a rather long visit to Southeast Asia. I consider that my "thin" period as I did an awful lot of running and not for exercise. lol My newest story is sort of a "Blue Lagoon" ripoff set on a deserted Isle. Little Kalinda manages to get into trouble even when castaway. It will be up soon. HL