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The Sex Genie (Former Succubus) Series

November 1, 2012
Posted at 6:00 pm

Hi all-

For the longest time, I've considered writing a sequel to My Former Succubus. I really liked the characters, but I never really had a clear vision of where I wanted to take the story next. I even had an unfinished chapter laid out (and partially written), but had decided to scrap it and end the original story with Chapter 4.

Something kind of clicked in my skull, as I slightly reworked the story for SOL and now I think I can use most of what I've already come up with and some new ideas. It will take a while (as my health and other issues prevent me from working quickly), but I hope to have the start of something ready in the near future.

As I have gotten a ton of positive feedback on this story, I hope people will look forward to the continuing exploits of everybody's favorite, wacky ex-succubus, Beth and her long suffering, but loving master/boyfriend, Josh.

Anyway, thanks to everybody for their continued support!