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Tunnel of Love, Chapter 5

October 30, 2012
Posted at 10:19 pm

This was the hardest chapter of all ten to write. I broke it down into a succession of scenes, filling in the gaps between the therapy sessions described in Chapter Four. As I worked on the last scenes, which involve a restaurant, Billy Joel's song "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" got stuck in my head. Pairing that song title with the concept for the chapter, the chapter title "Scenes from the Home Front" was born.

This chapter also marks the emergence of Collette Davis as a major character. In fact, she has her own "home front" scene. I always had big plans for Collette, but by the time I finished writing the story, her character arc had gone way beyond what I'd initially imagined. In fact, she ended up being my favorite character to write, and I regretted not "saving her" for a separate story.