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October 29, 2012
Posted at 2:48 pm

Hello Pat Pt.II

Hi, Pat

It seems you found the Blog and at least some sort of two way communication is established.

1) Your Comment:

Just a note to day loving the work and cant wait
for more of Roy's adventures to be posted.

You have created an amazing world, and i hope you
are able to finish the books and get them into

My Answer:
Thank you. John my editor and I are working hard to make that happen. And yes I hope I can finish the books too, but nothing short of the Grimm Reaper will keep me from doing that.

2)Your Comment:

I saw a "Uncle Roy" and an "Uncle Sam" which
seemed to refer to the same person (ch 17).

My Answer: Sorry that is a typo / glitch that escaped my Editor and me. It is noted and will be fixed.

3)Your Comment


I don't wish to complain but there still seems to
be a missing chapter between 15 and 16 you have
Roy leaving green hell at the end of ch15 and
sitting in a bar with a woman at the start of 16.
Still your whole story cycle is turning out to be
something rather special and I'm thoroughly
enjoying it

My Answer: So sorry, that was my fault. Somehow I mixed up the sequence of mails. John my editor and friend is very diligent. It was me who screwed it up. But he's going to fix that on SOL as soon as possible. In the mean time you can go to Fictionpress and read the missing chapter if you like.