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Calling all readers!

October 28, 2012
Posted at 2:28 pm

OK, that was cheesy, lol. With "Succubus" almost done posting, I'm trying to figure out which of my EMCSA stories I should post next. So far, I'm incredibly happy with the reception that "Succubus" has received. While not a barn-burner, I'm please that people are enjoying The Spirit of Anna too (there is still a fair amount of that story to post). I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the low interest in Let Me Count the Ways (though maybe if I teased it better, more people would have looked). If you like sex, love, fun and romance, you may really like it.

So, what I'm trying to get at is that if anyone had read my stories over there, which ones would you suggest for over here? I had one reader suggest The Jiliad, but I would say that for now it would require a lot more editing than I have time to do.

Due to the fact that these stories are collaborations I would also not be able to do the following:

Mindtrap Manor
Losing Bet

Other than that, I'd be able to add anything else that people like. If you have a moment and you wish to respond, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just wing it.

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to read my stories and a special thanks to those who've welcomed me!