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Tunnel of Love, Chapters 1-2

October 26, 2012
Posted at 3:21 pm
Updated: October 30, 2012 - 9:53 pm

I published this story elsewhere some years ago and have since made some revisions (hopefully, improvements). This story is a sequel to "The Seducer: Mission Impossible" by Austin (aka austin.erotica). It is also heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen's album "Tunnel of Love." Although it is a finished story, I need to reformat the chapters for SOL, which is why I'm rolling out individual chapters instead of the whole story at once.

Chapter One isn't very exciting, I know, but it sets the table by showing what TS:MI did not: what Mike saw and felt during Jennifer's adventure. All of the original scenes involving both Jennifer and Mike are retold her, from his perspective. There were only four such scenes, however, and they were brief, so most of Chapter One is my interpolation of events.

Chapter Two aims at putting some gloss on what Jennifer did in TS:MI, as she looks back on it. Her personality and view of the events is an extension of where I saw her at the end of TS:MI. For those who haven't read TS:MI, this chapter also begins the revelation of the details of that story, of which Mike is still ignorant. (Or is about that ending to the chapter?)