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New story this week

October 24, 2012
Posted at 5:43 pm

I just sent off a file to Mr. Editor. He's already gone over half of it, so it'll probably be back today or tomorrow all ready to be posted. Last year, about this time, my thoughts about a Halloween story gave you the Ai saga. This time, you're getting "The Magic of Life". It will be a bit different, for you and me. Most importantly... there's no schedule. None. I will post chapters as I do them, but with real life the way it is I commit to nothing. I'll try to do a chapter a week, using that deadline as motivation, but expect me to miss weeks.

To start you off I'll be posting two chapters. To just post one in an attempt to boost download stats will give some the wrong idea of where this is going, so you get two. If you only see the first, wait a bit for the moderator to get the second one up there.

So, look for it when you see it.