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911 Medical Assistance Please

October 24, 2012
Posted at 11:02 am

I'm looking for medical advice for my upcoming thriller. I'm pretty sure that I can write a tense operating room sequence in the first couple of chapters of the new book (still fishing for the title), but the actual medical details are likely to be vague at best. I'm looking at a scene that preferably takes place late at night in a remote community hospital during a snowstorm. Trauma victim comes in after auto accident and the small team deems it necessary to go directly to surgery even though they are poorly equipped to handle the type. Even understaffed. I want a scenario in which only a doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist are in the operating room with the patient.

The result will be a case of anesthetic awareness during a painful procedure. The patient will also be fully aware that many of the crude comments by the three are about her. Later the three will collude to tell the patient and court that what she heard in the operating room never took place, therefore she couldn't have been aware during surgery.

Info needed from a medical pro: What kind of injury has the woman suffered? What are the surgical implements the doctor will use/ask the nurse for? What circumstances will impell the doctor to take on the procedure without waiting for more assistance or for lifting her to a hospital better equipped to deal with it?

I'm using the snowstorm as both cause of accident and reason for isolating the hospital. Can you give me some help?

This story is part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I'll start posting daily on November 1.