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Trying to decide how to approach the next story

October 19, 2012
Posted at 12:49 pm

I have almost two chapters, the second twice as long as the first, finished of a new story. It's a fantasy, which I haven't done (the Ai stories don't have "magic", exactly). I like the characters, and think I have an interesting dynamic set up. There's two problems, though.

1) I'm too lazy to create an entire world. This is important. Any good story survives based on the consistency of its universe. I sort of cheated in the Bells and Waifs stories by having the main cast travel around, not really dealing with much "big picture" stuff. Things happened around them, and if they didn't know why the reader never found out why either. With this, though... if I just BS my way through it will show. Which leads me to:

2) I don't want to do another long saga. Really, I'm in no mood to commit to 20+ chapters of something. If I can think of a short term end point, maybe I can start it as a series of short stories. Otherwise, you guys will only be getting this if you're willing to accept up front that I may stop for awhile when the time comes where I need a break. I hate the idea of leaving a story "incomplete" for a month or two, but that's the situation.