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Halloween Stories and other Storylines.

October 17, 2012
Posted at 3:19 pm

The 2 Halloween themed stories I have submitted are called "There's a Ghost in my Bed" and "Lock Cassandra in the Stocks" The first 2 parts of each story are already published and the conclusion of "Lock Cassandra in the Stocks will be submitted on Friday. The concluding part 3 of "There's a ghost in my Bed will be submitted on Monday. A reader had commented to me asking if that which I wrote had actually happened to me. In all honesty, I must say that a number of my stories are based in part on actual experiences and my characters are based in part on real life people. However, writers are always prone to exaggeration and I am no exception. A recent story called "The Teacher Learns the Hard Way" was considered too depraved to be included on another site that I use as a primary distribution channel. This story was inspired by the great novel "The Blackboard Jungle". The characters are similar but slightly varied. The location is also similar and the scenario is a mirror image. Certain elements of the story were considered "verbotin" such as the pregnancy issue, the racial aspect which seemed quite subtly implied to maintain a sense of perspective of the current situation. In fact the book and even the film to some extent addressed these senstive issues way back in the 1950s. Even minor ingredients such as the forced sex and suicide of depressed female students were touched lightly but were not cental to the writing. The violence of the 1950s in fact feels very benign in comparison to the state of the public education environment today. The primary problems with the education system in this writing and the original story focused on the "Attitude" of the students. It did not consider teacher unions, tenure, quality of teachers, and similar issues to be of importance. The "Attitude" is the product more of home environment and society in general rather than being a teacher responsibility. I have made the vicious student gang a bit more sympathetic through the device of the teacher being inwardly receptive to her treatment at the hands of these juvenile delinquents. It is most unlikely but possible that her home situation with a disinterested spouse triggered her submissive response. Hope you get a chance to read it and form your own opinion. Another story I just posted is another of my depraved incest stories but I offer the excuse that the Grandfather in question is dragged into the fray by 3 oversexed Lolitas with ulterior motives. It is called "An Invitation to His Granddaughter's Sleepover". The title tells the entire story.