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Sex Brat

October 15, 2012
Posted at 10:41 pm

I have one handwritten note for this story. "They're all robots!" and that's all Rachael wanted to say in her blog note for Sex Brat.

I think she wanted to do an extensive rewrite to make some of her ideas more obvious, but simply didn't have the time or energy for a project like that. She imagined the story taking place out in the asteroid belt and the (human) workers were given families of robots. And these robots owned robots because they didn't know, or at least acknowledge the fact that they were artificial. It's very Philip K. Dick in that way, but Rachael never felt that she made that clear enough and she was probably right.

if I remember correctly, she wrote this a few years ago as part of her "Mixed Bag" experience. For 9 weeks straight Rachael wrote a new story or new chapter and posted it online every single day. She drove everyone who knew her crazy because she would not stop writing! It's making me laugh right now, but she was truly possessed. Even more than she usually was. Some of you might remember what I'm talking about and I think it just pissed everybody off. And who knows? Maybe that was her plan.