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Contest: FFIV - Chris's Daydream

October 13, 2012
Posted at 11:35 am

If you have been following the Family Feud Story and are a fan I have a contest for you.

The Contest lasts until Chapter 33 of FFIV is posted (Whenever that may be) or I add to this blog.

Submit Feedback on the story and send me up to THREE different "Daydreams" that Chris Taylor might have while he is getting his dick sucked masterfully by his sister.

This could be any sort of vignette you want, whether it be Freudian or something the reader can infer about Chris, or "Sometimes a dream is just a dream" is something that remains to be seen.

If I select your idea, I will then embellish it and include it in the story!!

(or if you prefer, I can even let you write the daydream for inclusion!)

However some caveats:
1 - This idea becomes wholly mine if published and you may not seek compensation/legal action. I doubt anyone would, but I wanted to make that clear.

2- Participation in this contest does not confer author credit.

It's just something fun to do - interactive with anyone who is following my story.