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E.T.S. ... (AKA My Undead Girlfriend)

October 8, 2012
Posted at 10:58 pm

This story was written September 2011 and unpublished because Rachael decided to enter the SOL Halloween 2011 Story Contest. She took the Shelly character and changed her into a vampire, reworking scenes and dialogue to make it work and ended up taking third place with it. To avoid any misunderstandings she elected to shelve the story for a full year.

rache could do stuff like that and it probably took her all of a lazy Sunday afternoon. She liked to think of her characters as "interchangeable" because the motivations driving them are universal. Frankly, I believe the reason has more to do with her abilities as a writer than with human nature.

This story went through a number of plot changes. Rachael wanted to lighten up the Talis Universe, which is a dark place at times. Like the other stories in that universe, she wanted to misdirect readers at the beginning and start off in one direction before making the big left turn. She tended to do that with a lot of her stories.

I think this story is funny and typical of not only Rachael's wit, but also her unique perspective regarding human nature. Are we back to that? Perhaps she was right after all.